On the Radio

Things have been quiet on the blog but busy in the world of ecology research. To keep you all in the loop: habitat cascade just had its first radio appearance! Earlier this week, I spoke with Alison Ballance, of RadioNZ, for a brief snippet on habitat cascade in the weekly science show, Our Changing World.

Interested ears can have a listen here  (start at 4:40 for the HC snippet), or just have a look at the brief article attached to the episode podcast. It was an honor to speak with Alison, and a great opportunity to reconnect with my science-podcast roots (that’s a reference to Lyme Conversations, my undergraduate thesis in podcast form).

More updates to come: bird extinctions, dolphin research, and fisheries management, oh my…

Until then,


PS: This is unrelated, but: I feel willfully ignorant posting this news without any mention of the current (distressing) state of the world. When looking for a good radio image for the post, I found this poster created by the U.S. War Office in 1943. The poster is pure propaganda, but it does make me think about today’s media, about the recent and recurring horrors in the news, and about “American values” and where those fit in a national and international setting. And, more personally: what you’re meant to do as a U.S. citizen abroad when things seem to be falling to pieces. With thoughts to Dallas and Philando and Alton and Orlando, and equally to Istanbul and Nice and, oh, all the rest of this mad, mad world…






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