Arts ‘n Crafts

Today, my labmate Alfonso and I ventured bravely into the world of machine sewing. Our task, to create mesh bags for holding field samples, was pretty simple– but we definitely needed the assistance of our ever-patient lab tech, Jan, to coach us through the inner workings of the sewing machine. As I was working the machine, I remembered how many days there are when “marine ecology research” actually looks a lot more like art class, or home economics, or tech ed, as we learn to create the tools we need for our experiments and projects. Can you call this inter-disciplinary work? I think so! And it’s something I really like about this line of research.


Time to get back to wrestling with bobbins,

4 thoughts on “Arts ‘n Crafts

  1. So many facets to your work. So many talents you are equipped with! Bobbin-wrestling is fine, but if it ramps up to alligators I don’t want to know!


    1. I admit, though, as I’m making the bags I end up thinking, “my mother and aunts could probably do this by the age of seven!”. I guess it’s better late than never to pick up these odd skills!


  2. I really enjoyed this post. I recently helped out a friend with a project where our primary sampling tool was a home-modified toilet brush!


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