A Thought About Blogging During Grad School:

…it’s hard to make the time for it. That’s it, that’s the thought! The blog has been quiet for a couple of years as I wend my way through this PhD program. But if you’re keen for more regular updates on ecological musings, check out my work on Oceanbites (where grad students report on recent marine research, and the puns flow liberally) or behind-the-scenes at The Brickyard (my grad program’s student-run academic/literary/artistic journal).

About Me:

My name’s Eliza, but feel free to call me Ellie. I was born in Maryland, imprinted on Maine, and now find myself in California. The road here has been paved with fantastic opportunities to get right into the tangle of “natural” and social systems, including a Fulbright year in New Zealand (see Cape Quake for the capstone experience) and work with Acadia National Park in Maine (again, see Clam or Tree? for more). As a PhD-seeking student in the Ecology program at UC-Davis, I’ll keep exploring these tangles, with the cautious hopes of highlighting the ways human populations and linked ecosystems thrive in an era of rapid environmental change.

About the Blog:

Zeacology was born in early 2016, as a place to share observations and stories from the year I devoted to travel and research around New Zealand’s South Island. It became a catch-all for bits and pieces of natural history, human behavior, the scientific process, and metaphors to make it all make sense.

When I returned to the States after my year in New Zealand, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to give it up. Zeacology returned, ready to dive into stories from much closer to home.

Take a look at Volume I: New Zealand for the original notes, or Volume II for notes from the USA. Read on, comment wildly, and enjoy!

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